Micro Bug Infection 1 - Kevin Martin Mix by Phuriphonics


Experimental Audio Research - Untitled (Track 7)
God - Black Jesus
(excerpt - Kevin Martin interview)
Techno Animal vs. Reality - Baka (Version - Spectre)
Ice - Juggernaut Kiss
The Bug - Twenty Four Hour Surveillance
King Midas Sound - Dahlin
The Bug - Bug Party
Curse of the Golden Vampire - Substance X (feat. MC Beans)
Techno Animal Vs. Reality - Deceleration
The Bug - Executor
Curse of the Golden Vampire - State Rape
Techno Animal - Bionic Beatbox
Black Chow - Purple Smoke
King Midas Sound - One Thing
The Bug - Those Tapes Are Dangerous
The Bug - Too Much Pain
Techno Animal - The Dream Forger
Experimental Audio Research - Untitled (Track 1)
Pressure - Money Honey (Remix)
The Bug - Invasion Of Privacy
16-17 - Flamethrower
The Bug - Jah War (Loefah Remix)
(excerpt) Porter Ricks - Ionic