Dead Fingers Talk Mix by Phuriphonics


Scratch Massive - Today's Sunday
Chris McCormack - What Kind of Sound?
Arrestar - Prayer (Black Smith Craft remix)
Mathias Woot - SWD (psyk dubbed out remix)
Jeff Mills and The Montpellier Philarmonic Orchestra - The Bells
Jeff Mills - The Bells
Space DJz - Centre Field
Jonas Kopp - Androgeno
Mathis Woot - MWD
Claude Young - How is Your DNA? (James Ruskin rework)
Paula Temple - Miyako
Datura Dilema - Orbital
Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange
Takaaki Itoh - Hear Nothing
Mario Ranieri - Im Rausch der Musik (Glenn Wilson remix)
Ian Void - The Rascal (Chris McCormack remix)
Max Duley - Circular Heaven ver. 2
Space DJz - Statistical Mechanics
Phase - Systems Theory
Moby - Go (Soundtrack remix)
DJ Slugo - Slugmere
Claude Young - External
Balatro - In the Wake of Dreams
Stanislav Tolkachev - Fadeout
Takaaki Itoh - Society's Victim
Datamine - Encoding Memory (Inigo Kennedy remix)
Space DJz - Action 4
Cold Dust - Vanishing Points (Ade Fenton remix)
Mental Resonance - Revelations
Ben Long - The Nutz
Developer - Alone
Echoplex and Pacou - WAW Session 1
Waxmaster - Footwork
Radioactive Man - Incoming (DJ Stingray remix)
Mathias Woot - MWD (Rebekah remix)
Mathias Woot - SWD
Phase - Burden of Proof
Space DJz - Kessel Run
Ade Fenton - Into the Spiral
Ade Fenton - Evolving
Takaaki Itoh - Say Nothing
Mental Resonance - Interplanetary Abduction
Jeff Mills - Detached