The Black Reflection v.2 by Phuriphonics


Cosmin TRG - Izolat
Secluded - Remember
Rodhad - Red Rising
Headless Horseman - Decapitation
The Plant Worker - Zeta
Spherical Coordinates - SCFGM-08
Marco Zucchero - Tough Thoughts (Mental Resonance remix)
Truss - Beacon
Dubiosity - Rauschel (Kristian Heikkila remix)
Tomo Hachiga - Black Syndicate
Kangding Ray - Amber Decay
Wire - Encounter
Surgeon - Shaper of the Unknown
Jonas Kopp - Red Plented
Reaxis - Coil
Corax - Corvus (Death Abyss remix)
Boyd Rice feat. Coil - Many Hands
Shifted - Chapter 69
Stanislav Tolkachev - Big Setup for Disaster
Elektrabel - EC27 v2
Sleeparchive - Fifth Station
Rodhad - Haumea
Tomo Hachiga - Gamma Curve
Violet Poison - B2 from Aldebaran Alabrahamis Oxakindiss
Xhei - 300km
Elektrabel - Hraju27
Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern
Jonas Kopp - Tau Ceti
Ryuiji Takeuchi - Kijk
Allan Nonamaka - Hurt by Evil
Rodhad - Helldiver
Andrea and Millie - Quay
Philippe Petit and Simon Fisher Turner - Untitled from Reciprocess: +/VS
Happa - Red Place
AnD - Dusty Artefacts
Truss - Beacon (MPIA3 remix)
Perc - Hyperlink
Spherical Coordinates - SCBPA-24
Xhei - A2 from 005 EP
Paul Mac - Moving Forward
Delta Funktionen - Onkalo (Karenn remix)
Sam Silver - Akial
Tomo Hachiga - Mechanized Unit
Future 16 - Filaments (Part 1)
Heron - The Wave
Surgeon - Anti Inferno
Barker and Baumecker - Crows (Blawan remix)
Zoviet France - They're Eating the Passengers
Micachu and The Shapes - State of NY from Chopped and Screwed by The London Sinfonietta is used at various points throughout the mix and concludes the mix too.