UK Technoids Mix by Phuriphonics


Surgeon - Language Barrier
Dark Faders - Destroyer Operative EP A1
Phase - Module Overload B1
Joey Beltram - Ball Park (Steve Bicknell mix)
James Ruskin - Paranoia
Pounding Grooves - Speedbase EP B2
Oliver Ho - The DReamer and the Dream A1
Phase - Obscura EP A1
Max Duley - Enclosed in the
Shifted - Sektore B
Planetary Assault Systems - Raid
Teste - The Wipe (Steve Bicknell version)
James Ruskin - Return (Regis mix)
Gareth Wild - Ghosts
Chris McCormack - Broken
DJ Shufflemaster - Experience (Surgeon remix)
Steve Bicknell - When Things of the Spirit Come First B1
Max Duley - Tghrough You We
Tobias Schmidt - Family Pack
James Ruskin - From Over the Edge
H - World Downfall Part 1 (Landing Party)
Max Duley - Sanity Towel
British Murder Boys - Father Loves Us
Surgeon - Atol
Inigo Kennedy - Slice
Chris McCormack - Tunnels
Karl O' Connor and Peter Sutton - Hanoi Hanoi
Inigo Kennedy - State Variable B1
Makaton - Weakness
James Ruskin - System
Jamie Bissmire - The Teples that Face Heaven
Ben Long - Potential 002 A1
Steve Bicknell - Odyssey #2
J Tijn - Fucklebucks
AnD - The Jellyfish
Paul Damage - Tina Never Had a Teddy Bear (Bruno's Total Rebuild)
Chris McCormack - The Maximalist (Ade Fenton remix)
Regis - Disease Through Affection
Cold Dust - Vanishing Points (Ade Fenton remix)
Ben Long - The Nutz