Darqer and Deeper: Texture Records Mix


Mark One - Turn It Up
Darqwan - Cold Symptoms
Darqwan - Jack's New Swing
Search and Destroy - Food Chain
Darqwan - Metro
Darqwan - Taiwan Ink (Original mix)
Search and Destroy - Brain Teaser
Darqwan - Rob One 7
Oris Jay feat. Aitcho - Perplex
Darqwan - Said the Spider
Oris Jay - To the Fly
Darqwan - Nocturnal
Oris Jay feat. MC Ranking - Im Chosen
Mark One - Equalizer
Daqwan - Warrior
Oris Jay feat. MC Shinobi - Flow So Hot
Darqwan - Confused
Oris Jay feat. Amit - Raze
Darqwan - Nocturnal (Geeneus remix)
Darqwan - Tawian Ink (174 remix)
Oris Jay feat. Toddla T and Trigganom - Go Girls
Chris Innasound - Stop the Clock
Benga and Walsh - Addicts
Darqwan - Last of Nine
Oris Jay - Don't Know Who
Darqwan - From Country
Oris Jay feat. Pinch - Zen
Oris Jay - Steels
Chris Innasound - Eliptic
Darqwan - Megatection
Chris innasound - Reach Out
Loefah - Sukkah
Oris Jay - Distracting Me (Chris Innasound remix)
Oris Jay - Boosi
Darqwan - Said the Spider (Surgeon remix)